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Video Theater – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

Jun 14, 2022

A chief of police receives a wire indicating a man on board an incoming train is a murderer.

The man then dies in his cell and the Chief struggles to find evidence to support his incarceration.

Season 2, Episode 10

Original Air Date: November 14, 1949

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May 29, 2022

Sheriff Morgan has to get to the bottom of allegations of rustling within a contentious family.

Season 1, Episode 24

Original Air Date: March 8, 1957

May 15, 2022

Mike Kovac thinks he recognizes a girl from a cruise ship, but she pretends not to know him and her "Uncle" doesn't want his picture taken.

Original Air Date: December 12, 1958 

Season 1, Episode 9

Apr 24, 2022

Casey Jones (Beverly Garland) is called in to befriend a young woman when police suspect that her boyfriend is behind a strangulation.

Originally Aired: 1957 (Episode 1)

Apr 17, 2022

Blackie tries to help out a boxer/law student who wants out of the fight game, but is held in place by a contract and a crooked fight boss.

Season 2, Episode 11

Original Air Date: December 26, 1952